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Bringing peace

  • POSTED ON: 29 Jul, 2023
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August 6 is Universal Peace Day. On August 6, 1945, an atomic bomb was dropped over Hiroshima in Japan, destroying it and killing 90,000–146,000 people. Sadako Sasaki, a 12-year-old girl, died of radiation-induced leukemia in 1955, 10 years after the bomb fell near her home.

According to Japanese legend, if you folded 1,000 paper cranes, you would be granted a wish. Sadako folded 1,000 cranes. And since then, the folded crane has become a symbol of peace. Fold a peace crane, fill its wings with words and pictures of peace and give it to your friend, sibling, classmate, or neighbour.

Watch the video and follow the steps.