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Eat right!

  • POSTED ON: 7 Sep, 2019
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The food pyramid is one way of remembering which are the healthier and better foods for you. How it works is that the food represented at the bottom of the pyramid, where it is wider, are the kinds of food you should be having the most of – this is a part of the healthy zone. Which means you should be having plenty of vegetables, fruits, wheat and cereals based food. As you go higher up the pyramid, it gets narrower and the food right at the tip top where it is the smallest is food you should have the least of or avoid having too often, this is the danger zone. The danger zone food include junk foods, chocolates and sugary snacks or desserts. the food in between the top and the base are the foods you should have in moderation, don’t over indulge in them but have a controlled portion, even though cheese can be super irresistible.

Here’s a game for you, can you spot all seven differences between these two food pyramids? Take a good look!