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Equation expedition

  • POSTED ON: 11 Sep, 2023
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Solving linear equations is a fundamental skill in Maths. Here are some tips to help you solve linear equations effectively:

Isolate the Variable: The goal in solving a linear equation is to isolate the variable (usually represented by ‘x’) on one side of the equation. To do this, perform inverse operations to both sides of the equation to get ‘x’ alone.

Use Addition and Subtraction: You can add or subtract the same value to both sides of the equation to isolate the variable. For example, if you have 2x – 3 = 7, you can add 3 to both sides to get 2x = 10.

Use Multiplication and Division: To isolate the variable, you can also multiply or divide both sides of the equation by the same value. For example, if you have 2x = 10, you can divide both sides by 2 to get x = 5.

Clear Fractions First: If the equation contains fractions, clear them by multiplying both sides by the denominator to get rid of them. This simplifies the equation and makes it easier to solve.

Combine Like Terms: If the equation has like terms on one side, simplify by combining them. For example, if you have 3x + 2x = 15, you can combine the ‘x’ terms to get 5x = 15.

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