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Musical challenge

  • POSTED ON: 21 Sep, 2019
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  • POSTED BY: Jenny Varghese
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Music connects people, regardless of the language or style it is something many of us can share with each other. Music doesn’t have boundaries, you can be a person from India who loves listening to Spanish, Arabic or Korean music despite not knowing the language.

Your love for music can be shared in various forms, listening to it on the radio, on an mp3 or nowadays by streaming it on various music apps on smartphones. You can enjoy any form of music, one day you may be in the mood for classical music, but the next day you could jam out to some rock or pop music. It helps with any mood, whether you are sad or bursting with energy, there will be a song for any occasion.

Here’s a game to acknowledge the love of music we all share with one another. Can you find all the differences between the two images?