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What’s in the air?

  • POSTED ON: 8 Jun, 2019
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  • POSTED BY: Madhumitha Srinivasan & Deeksha Teri | Video: Jagadish Kumar TPM
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When we talk about the environment, we mean everything that is around us. Living and non-living things, physical, chemical and other natural forces. But, thanks to the uncaring attitude of humans, our environment has suffered. The major problem is pollution. There are three kinds of pollution — land, water and air.

We have dumped waste in rivers, factories emit smoke into the air, we use non-bio degradable products and the list of our crimes against nature is long and tedious.

World Environment Day was celebrated on June 05. This year’s theme was ‘air pollution’. So today, let’s learn a bit about ‘air pollution’ through this video.