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Baobabooks’ Change the World Challenge 2023

  • Baobabooks is launching its first ever-Change the World Challenge using the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Designed to inspire children between nine and 15 years to promote the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), it aims to unleash the power of words and pictures and encourage young minds to become advocates for a sustainable future.

    Inspiring change through creativity:

    Through this challenge, we invite aspiring young writers and artists to explore the SDGs, which address global issues such as poverty, climate change, gender equality, and education. By crafting essays, stories, poems or letters, participants can express their thoughts and ideas, raising awareness about these critical goals.

    Encouraging creativity and action:

    The writing challenge provides a platform for children to showcase their creativity, critical thinking skills, and passion for making a difference. By articulating their unique perspectives on the chosen SDG, they can inspire others and contribute to a broader dialogue surrounding sustainability.

    Fostering global citizenship:

    Participating in the challenge empowers children to become proactive global citizens. By delving into research and exploring different viewpoints, they gain a deeper understanding of global issues and the importance of sustainable development. These experiences will shape their world view and equip them with valuable skills for their future endeavours.

    Guidelines and criteria

    Open to students between nine and 15 years.

    Use any of the 17 SDG prompts to inspire you.

    For the Writing Challenge, the story should be limited to 500 words and be an original one that has not previously been published for a competition. Any story that is fully or partially copied from any other source will not be accepted. Images can be included.

    For the Art Challenge, the student can create the artwork digitally or by hand. This should then be uploaded as a .jpeg .tiff or .pdf file format. Artwork should be original and made specifically for Baobabooks’ Change the World Challenge 2023.

    Each participant can submit one entry for the Writing Challenge and the Art Challenge.

    Last date: September 1 (12.00 am CET)

    The winners will be announced no later than September 30, 2023. Their stories and artworks will be featured on the Baobabooks blog and on a selection of sponsor websites.

    All participants will receive certificates and their stories and artwork will be published on the Baobabooks platform.

    For more details and to participate, click here.

    The Hindu Young World and The Hindu In School are media partners for the event in India.