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The Little Handbook of Cool Technology Bookworm Contest

  • Meet Alia and Copa, two curious young learners who will take readers through the enthralling world of everyday technology in the book The Little Handbook of Cool Technology. The book presents concepts and fundamentals in a conversational and easy-to-understand style.


    With vibrant illustrations and interesting trivia, the book aims to simplify complex concepts and kindle curiosity in the minds of young readers. It covers topics such as the Internet; Search Engine; Extended Reality; Internet of Things; Cyber Safety; and Artificial Intelligence.


    This book is meant not just for kids but also for adults who are new users of technology and parents who are looking to introduce their children to Internet technology fundamentals.


    Publisher: HarperCollins
    Price: ₹399


    Get Lucky Contest

    Now here’s a chance for an exciting win. Answer the questions below and the first five correct entries will receive a copy of the book. Mail your entries to along with your name, class, school, full residential address and mobile number. Entries without these details will not be considered. Mark YWC Bookworm Contest in the subject line. The contest is open only to students from Class II to Class VIII.Last date to receive entries is July 22.

    1. The name Google is the misspelling of _______.

    a. Googel

    b. Googol

    c. Googal

    d. Googul


    2. Computers can learn and the process is called ____________.

    a. Artificial learning

    b. Machine learning

    c. Coding

    d. Structured problem solving


    3. _________ is when an imposter poses as a valid organisation or a service provider and seeks sensitive data.

    a. Trojan Horses

    b. Phishing

    c. Ransomware

    d. Hacking