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  • For survival

    Why do some plants eat insects?

    Yeshwanth , Perambalur, Tamil Nadu

    Carnivorous or meat eating plants eat bugs and even small animals like frogs, because they need meat for their survival. There are as many as 630 different kinds of carnivorous plants around the world. They use slippery leaves, gluey substances, bladder traps or tiny hair to trap their meal. The plants get nitrogen, phosphorus, and calcium from this unique diet. Other plants get these nutrients from the soil. These carnivorous plants depend on photosynthesis for some of its food (sugar) as well as carbon dioxide.
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  • Into the wormhole

    How do wormholes work?

    Aryaman Dave Sinha , New Delhi

    Wormholes are speculative scientific phenomena that act like tunnels connecting two different points in space-time. It is believed that the journey through a wormhole will create shortcuts for long journeys across the universe. However, their existence has only been proven theoretically (by Eisntein’s theory of relativity); they are yet to be seen and understood how they work.
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  • Fog Vs smoke

    What is the difference between fog and smog?

    Safely Gutgutia , Ghaziabad

    Fog is a naturally occurring phenomenon. It depends upon criteria like air temperature and humidity levels, which in turn causes water vapour to condense into tiny water droplets that suspend in the air. However, smog is caused by pollutants and can be prevented by curbing pollution.
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  • Not a math fan

    Why is Nobel Prize not given for Mathematics ?

    Lishan Pereira , Bengaluru, Karnataka

    The lack of a Nobel Prize for Mathematics has been a matter of speculation for long. The most reasonable explanation is that the Prize was created to award outstanding “practical” inventions and discoveries. And, Math does not fall into that category. Another reason stated is that King Oscar II of Sweden and Norway, had already established a prestigious math award. And finally, Nobel’s dislike for a contemporary mathematician Gosta Mittag-Leffler, who founded the mathematical journal Acta Mathematica. Mittag-Leffler also persuaded King Oscar II to create the math award. So, Nobel decided to exclude math because he did not want the award and the money to go to a man he didn’t care for.
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