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  • Heat ’em up

    How does a greenhouse trap heat?

    Pranami P L , Kollam, Kerala

    Sunlight passes through the glass of the greenhouse, and this gets absorbed by plants and the greenhouse floor. The light is converted to heat, which cannot escape through the glass and hence stays inside the greenhouse keeping the greenhouse warm. Heated by sunlight, the warm air rises pushing the cooler air to the bottom.The process keeps repeating. This is why greenhouses are warmer than the outside during the day — even in wintertime — and also why they retain heat during the night as well.
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  • Weigh it up

    Why do trucks and buses have heavier wheels, compared to cars or scooters?

    Blessy Onyx , Vellore, Tamil Nadu

    It all comes down to weight. Buses and trucks carry much heavier load when compared to cars or scooters. So, in order to carry a greater load, the vehicle would need a stronger support. That’s why the the rim size and the rubber tyre are much bigger. It’s kind of like why elephants have much bigger feet compared to us.
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  • Fizz it up

    Why is carbon dioxide (CO2) added to soft drinks?

    Swastika Yadav , New Delhi

    Soft drinks have a certain amount of CO2 gas dissolved in them to produce bubbles. This is done by the manufacturers to make the drink fizzy. The gaseous CO2 comes in contact with water and undergoes a chemical reaction that produces carbonic acid. The carbonic acid imparts the acidic flavour to the drink. Without it the soft drink would taste flat.
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  • 3-D trivia

    What is a three dimensional figure?

    Uttam Prajapati , West Champaran, Bihar

    A three-dimensional figure is defined in geometry as any shape or object that takes up space. Thus, a solid figure that consists of length, width and height will be three-dimensional. These figures have thickness and depth. All physical things that you can touch are three-dimensional.
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