Kissan's Weekly Contest: Week 4 - Young World Club

Kissan’s Weekly Contest: Week 4

  • Welcome to the world of Kissan! Participate and solve Kissan’s weekly puzzles to become Kissan’s Protein Champ at the end of this series and stand a chance to win exciting prizes. If you have solved the puzzle in the newspaper, click a picture of it and scroll down to fill the form and submit your answer. If not, quickly solve the puzzle given below, take a screenshot of your final score card, which shows your points and scroll down to submit it along with your details. THIS CONTEST IS OPEN ONLY TO CHILDREN RESIDING IN KARNATAKA, TAMIL NADU, PONDICHERRY, ANDHRA PRADESH, TELENGANA, AND KERALA. Are you ready for the puzzle for Week 4? All the best!

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    KPB004: Fill in the blanks with Kissan the Farmer

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